How To Retire Wealthy

Retiring with wealth and dignity may seem like an unrealistic idea in today’s economy but that could not be further from the truth. There’s only one reason why people fall short of achieving a fruitful retirement and that is not having a plan. It is never too early to start planning for retirement. I'm sure... Continue Reading →

Crafting Your Perfect One-Line Elevator Pitch

As mentioned in my previous article, How Leisure Traveling Benefits Entrepreneurs, can you imagine running into Bill Gates or Warren Buffett? What would you say to them to get their attention? Before knowing what an elevator pitch was, I would most likely be in shock, start hyperventilating, and start stuttering. (I mean, come-on, these are... Continue Reading →

How Leisure Traveling Benefits Entrepreneurs

Stress Reducer Topping the list, is stress reducer. Everyone becomes a victim of stress from time to time and it takes its toll. It mentally, physically, and emotionally drains them. As one could formulate, it's not good for your health. Listening to numerous traveling stories, they all have one specific trait in common; Happiness. Happiness... Continue Reading →

22 Ways to Earn Money In College

Most of the stereotypes for attending college are true. As a college student myself, I rode out the four-year financial storm. Yes, there have been times where your three meals a day are different flavors of Ramen noodles. Chicken flavored for breakfast, pork flavored for lunch, and beef flavored for dinner. Can you guess what a... Continue Reading →

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