22 Ways to Earn Money In College

Most of the stereotypes for attending college are true. As a college student myself, I rode out the four-year financial storm. Yes, there have been times where your three meals a day are different flavors of Ramen noodles. Chicken flavored for breakfast, pork flavored for lunch, and beef flavored for dinner. Can you guess what a snack is? Plot twist. It’s a line of Saltine crackers.

Financial struggles I’m positive others can relate to are washing laundry once a month, parking far off campus to avoid the parking permit fees that average around $250 a semester at larger universities, borrowing books from friends because let’s face it, college books are expensive in general, and last but not least, either having to stay in on an eventful night or having friends consistently cover you.

Here is a list of 22 ways to earn more money in college:

1. Get a Job

2.) Sell Items

Every once in a while, I sell college textbooks I no longer need, clothes I’m no longer interested in, or a gift from a friend/family member that I don’t find of use. (Sorry mom!) I recommend using OfferUp, Letgo, Amazon Seller, and Mercari.

(Use the invite code MXRKSJ when you sign up on Mercari for a free $2 credit!) 

3. Donate Plasma

Needles aren’t for everyone. Healthline claims about 10% of people suffer from a phobia called Trypanophobia, which is a fear of needles and injections. If you’re like me and nearly black out from the simplest shots, then this might not be the best idea for you.

Pay usually ranges from $20-$50 per donation. If you’re interest, check out  Donatingplasma.

4. Rake leaves/Mow lawns/Shovel snow

Charge a flat-fee based on the size of the area and amount of leaves and snow. A suitable fee is around $10-$30 per average sized driveway and lawn.

5. Drive with Uber/Lyft

You get paid weekly and create your own schedule! Driving for either companies gives you control of the revenue you generate for yourself as you get paid based on the amount of rides you give.

Here are the requirements for each company:

  • Uber- At least 21 years of age, at least one year of driving experience (3 years if you’re under 23), have a valid U.S. driver’s license, an eligible four-door vehicle, carry a smart phone, a clean driving record, and must pass a background check.
  • Lyft- At least 21 years of age, at least one year of driving experience, have a valid U.S. driver’s license, an eligible four door vehicle, carry a smart phone, a clean driving record, and must pass a background check.

Apply at Uber or Lyft.

6. Tutoring

If you’re smart in a certain area of study, then consider tutoring other students.

Wyzant allows you to browse through tutoring jobs and set your own rate.

7. Join a Focus Group

Get paid to share your opinion! Businesses are always looking to improve and expand. The best part about it is that some businesses are willing to pay for consumers to partake in a focus group. At GreenBook.org, you can enter a city in the search bar and a list of research marketing companies will appear for you to choose from. Participants can expect to earn around $50 per focus group session.

 8. Freelance

If you have a talent or hobby that you expertise in, you can freelance your services. Services might include: writing a marketing or business plan, graphics and web design, coding, app creation, creative writing, consulting.

Set your own rate. There isn’t a ceiling on the money you could make.

9. Babysitting

In this day and age, many people are constantly on-the-go and balancing social life with work or academics (sometimes all three), can be a hassle.

On national average, baby sitters earn $13.44 an hour. Many times, I’ve witnessed flyers posted up on school’s bulletin boards of families searching for a babysitter and posts on websites such as UrbanSitter.

UrbanSitter is a company that has eliminated the hassle with hiring a babysitter. They are constantly searching for part-time and full-time babysitters and nannies.

Have some free time? Why not apply!

10. YouTube

Many teens have earned hundreds and thousands of dollars each month posting videos on YouTube! It sounds far-fetched, but its true and it’s the easiest yet, hardest way to earn money.

There is money to be made posting on YouTube. Many assume that Youtuber’s are paid by the number of subscribers and likes their videos receive. YouTuber’s can expect to earn by the engagement their viewers have with the ads. Learn more about it here at Video Power Marketing.

Determine who your target audience is and treat your channel like it’s a business. Of course, having an outgoing personality and appealing content is a must.

11. Sell Your Hair

I kid you not, there is money to be made selling hair. BuyandSellHair.com is the #1 human hair marketplace where you can post your hair online, set a price, and sell it for hundreds of dollars. I have yet to see a ponytail listed under $200.

If you’re thinking about getting a hair cut, why not sell it too?

(The longer the hair, the more money to be made.)

12. Work Study

Work study is a federal program that offers undergraduates and graduates a part-time job for students with financial need. It is administered by the schools participating in the federal work-study program. Usually, the work is course related.

In 2015, I partook in the work-study program and earned a part-time office assistant gig. It was minimum wage, but it was easy money. I would punch-in, tell students when a professors office hours were, do my homework, and clock-out whenever I wanted. I would work roughly 8 hours a week. Normally, it was a good time to clock-in when I had downtime in between classes. At Colorado’s 2015 minimum wage, I averaged nearly $131.68 biweekly.

Literally, I got paid to do homework.

13. Sell Your Idea

Have a great idea? Submit it online at Quirky. Quirky is an invention platform whose objective is to help talented inventors turn their ideas into commercial success.

14. Brand Ambassador

I’m sure you’ve witnessed a Mini Cooper cruising around with the Red Bull logo wrapped around the vehicle in its entirety and a giant Red Bull can sticking out the back. If not that, then maybe you’ve been handed a free can of Red Bull from a couple of the company’s brand ambassadors.

A brand ambassador is someone who is hired by a company or organization to represent a brand. The idea of it is to increase revenue and brand awareness for that company.

Little did you know, these brand ambassadors are earning around $12-$15 per hour (Glassdoor). For someone who’s in college, that’s an hourly pay that seems jaw-dropping.

15. Dog Sitting

Enjoy bonding with dogs? Wag is a start-up that allows animal lovers and outdoor enthusiasts to earn an income by simply walking dogs. Similar to Uber and Lyft, Wags allows you to set and create your own schedule while earning up to $25 per hour.

16. Sell Notes

Lazy days come and go for all of us and binge watching Netflix is more important than attending class. Not all campuses are keen to this one, but from time to time students sell their notes and study guides to their classmates.

StudySoup claims students can earn up to $450 a semester by simply uploading their notes.

17. Craigslist

Finding odd jobs isn’t a hassle when it comes to Craigslist. People are looking for help constantly and are willing to pay cash (non-taxed)!! Jobs can be broken down into labor, crew, creative, talent, writing, domestic, computer, and event. Earning $100 for a few hours of work doesn’t sound too bad.

18. Donate Sperm or Eggs

Donors are in high demand. The pay is based on quality and volume. Usually, a sperm donor can expect to earn around $35-$50 per donation while an egg donor can earn $5,000-$10,000.

19. Sell Tickets to Sporting Events

The average ticket price for an Alabama football game in 2016 was $113. Other SEC schools ranged from $89.09-$27. This is just SEC football I’m talking about. If you’re busy and can’t make it to the game, why not sell your ticket to another student or fan?

In most cases, students receive free tickets for their school’s sports events. If you’re not a big sports fan or you’re tight on money, sell each ticket on the season!

20. Scholarships

Scholarships aren’t too hard to come upon. With a little bit of Googling, the scholarship that matches your requirements will come about.

21. Sell Graduation Tickets

Graduation tickets are highly sought after.  At larger universities, you may be able to charge more per ticket.

22. Hosting a College Party

It might seem like a joke, but in all seriousness, money can be made by hosting a college party. Charge other students a $5 entrance fee. Another option is to offer jungle juice or provide a keg and charge $5 for a Red Solo Cup. That Red Solo Cup is then entitled to unlimited fill ups throughout the night.

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