How Leisure Traveling Benefits Entrepreneurs

Stress Reducer

Topping the list, is stress reducer. Everyone becomes a victim of stress from time to time and it takes its toll. It mentally, physically, and emotionally drains them. As one could formulate, it’s not good for your health. Listening to numerous traveling stories, they all have one specific trait in common; Happiness.

Happiness is the vigorous enemy of stress. Leisure traveling reduces stress as humans thrive on novelty and traveling offers it with new faces, scenery, and experiences. Newly charted excursions can act as a stress relief valve allowing you to take a deep breath and relax.

Discover Inspiration

At some point in an entrepreneur’s journey, they begin to lose their focus, drive, and unfortunately; their inspiration. They start contradicting themselves and ask themselves, “is it even worth it?” I, myself, have experienced this gut wrenching feeling and it sucks. It becomes a sense of hopelessness. Traveling enables an entrepreneur to bring inspiration to light.

Inspiration comes in two forms; passive and active.  Passive inspiration is learning something new without having to do anything. This may be attained from watching a video, reading an article, or listening to a song. However, as James Clear puts it, “hearing about other people’s success isn’t the same thing as creating your own.” Active inspiration is the act of creating things on your own. Maybe you brainstormed a new product idea and packaging design, developed a new marketing strategy, or discovered how to increase revenue.

Completing a task entirely yourself rather watching or hearing about it, will inspire you in ways you could never imagine.

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Clear & Focused Mindset

The gears of an entrepreneur’s mind are constantly grinding. Emails need to be sent out, phone calls need to be returned, face-to-face client meetings are scheduled, new ideas need to be drawn up and brought into action, balance sheet and income statement needs to be reviewed and the list continues. As the business grows, delegation becomes crucial. However, if you’re running a one-man-show, you start to stress and overwhelm yourself.

Leisure traveling helps to clear your mind in the sense that nobody is around to interrupt your train of thought. You’re able to remove negativity and distractions that you encounter on a daily basis and in return, focus on the outcomes and solutions needed to operate your business more effectively and efficiently.

Embrace New Experiences

New experiences come in many forms. Foods, scenery, activities, languages, and overall; cultures. In the past, I would dine-out and find myself eating the same cuisine day after day. Like many people, I would tend to stick with what I recognized and was comfortable with. I was afraid to leap out of my comfort zone.

Traveling takes us out of our element and pushes us to trying new things. Instead of ordering the usual burger and fries basket, I now order more diversified foods such as Pad Thai, Wagashi, Chili Con Carne, La Fondue, and so on.

It’s a nice change of events and scenery going from snowboarding down 12,000 foot mountains at Copper Mountain and Loveland Ski Resort to swimming and attempting to surf the waves at South Beach.

Traveling will encourage you to embrace new experiences. It redefines who you are and sure, it might only be a week vacation. But within that lively week, you’ve created a book of memories that will last a lifetime.

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Making Connections & Networking

Whether it be on a personal or business level, an entrepreneur never turns down the opportunity to shake a new hand. It’s the foundation of learning. Skillful teachers, mentors, and consultants are highly sought after. Consumers are willing to pay hefty sums of money for their knowledge and expertise.

Traveling enables an entrepreneur to build new connections that could benefit them as a person or benefit their business in some degree.

Can you imagine running into Bill Gates or Warren Buffett? What would your one-line elevator pitch be?


This is where you gather all of your thoughts while you were away and ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Do I still want to be in business?
  • Where do I want to take it next?
  • How do I get there?

The questions you ask yourself will call for a plan of action. You’ve eliminated stress for the time being, rediscovered inspiration, cleared your mind, partook in new experiences,  and welcomed new people.

This is where you grow as a person and entrepreneur.

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