Take the Trip to Vegas With Your Buddy

In the past, I used to be someone who would rather buy a PS4 and the latest 2K instead of going on a weekend trip to Vegas with my friends. Both would come out to the same price but my mindset was, the PS4 will last longer than 3 days in Vegas. Technically, I wasn’t wrong, but at the end of the day, I wasn’t truly happy. I’d see my friends’ Instagram posts of them taking trips to Cancun, Los Angeles, Italy, and think to myself: Where have I been to that’s worth boasting about? I would come up with zero answers.

Instead of buying material things such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, and cars, I highly suggest focusing on buying experiences. Create memories by attending concerts, sporting events, weekend vacations, and road trips with your friends. The brand new shirt you bought for $70 the other day only impresses for so long. Experiences last a life time. Hell, these days for that same $70 you can buy a round trip plane ticket from Denver to San Diego.

I remember a time when my buddy wanted to go to Vegas for a weekend getaway. We made plans on where we’d stay and budgeted ourselves for the trip. Instead of eating out every night, we were going to make PB&Js  and turkey sandwiches, buy a gallon of milk, some bottled waters, and a few snacks. We would limit ourselves to buying around 2 drinks at the casino then pretend to gamble for complementary beverages. Everything was set in stone and round trip tickets were under $90. The only other things left we would have to do are pay for food and housing. At the time, we both worked at hotels that allowed us to get rooms for around $80 a night after tax. Split that in half and that’s $40 a night. It was such a steal!

However, as time approached, he purchased his plane ticket and I ended up bailing because I wanted to make sure I could buy more slim fit dress pants from Express (4 pairs, to be exact). Those weren’t necessarily a bad purchase, but, considering that my job had provided and required a suit to wear each day, those dress pants were one of the most stupid purchases I’ve made.

I regret not going because he had a blast and, as for I, I sat at home playing Fortnite all day, each day.

Learning from the mistake I made prior, another opportunity presented itself with a trip to Dallas, Texas. Another friend of mine who lives forty-five minutes away, talked  about myself taking a week trip to visit one day. After a quick search on plane ticket prices, I found round-trip airfare with United Airlines from Denver to Dallas for less than $90! Taking in account I would have a place to stay at no charge, I decided to say, “screw it” and made the purchase.

I had never been to Texas before, so I didn’t have any idea what to expect asides from, ‘everything being bigger in Texas’. Let me tell ya. Texas did not disappoint. The BBQ was amazing, the beautiful Gaylord Hotel was a site to see, the weather was absolutely perfect, the hospitality was warm and welcoming, and lastly, I scored a pair of free section 100 tickets to the Pelicans at Mavericks game.

It was one of my favorite week-long vacations.

I promise you. If you have disposable income, enjoy the experiences and not the materials. Create memories. When you’re older, you’ll wish you enjoyed life more but won’t be able to because you won’t have the time of day that you once did as a young pup. Instead of pulling off all nighters, you’ll find yourself crashing before the sun even sets. As you have children and your family grows, vacations and trips like that won’t be impossible, but harder to achieve. And let’s be honest, more expensive.

When your grandchildren ask you what you did in life, what are you going to tell them?

*Take a peak at some of the photos that were taken while I was in Dallas, Texas!



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