Who is Ty

Hello fellow inspiring entrepreneurs!

My name is Tyler Hutchins (the one on the right in the picture, left is my cousin). I was born and raised on the Nation’s left hand. That would be Michigan in case you were unsure. (I would point to the town I’m from on my hand if we were chatting in person. It’s a Michigan thing). Bronson,  Michigan is a small country wanna-be town where a majority of the roads are made of dirt, entering a friends house without a heads up is normal, and you can name everyone in your graduating class.

I moved to Denver, Colorado in 2013 in pursuit of a college education. Since I can remember, I have always been a city-boy at heart. The reason I chose to attend Denver is because I have always been united in orange. Growing up trying to catch a Denver Broncos game was a hassle as we didn’t have the luxury of NFL Sunday Ticket let alone cable in my home. All jokes aside, I chose to move to Denver because I wanted to be able to watch the Broncos play every game day.

I have always displayed a business oriented mindset. Holding a conversation on a business related topic is something that I thoroughly enjoy. I have yet, to create the “Next Big Thing” or a product line. However, until I cook up an idea, this is my stride towards entrepreneurship as this blog is something I can call ‘mine’.

I graduated Johnson & Wales University in 2017 with a Bachelors degree in business administration and entrepreneurship. Along side that, I’ve taken two years worth of culinary classes.
In my spare time, I can be found snowboarding down the Rocky Mountains, packing on muscle at the gym, attending the Denver Broncos home games, showcasing my sense of humor, and focusing on growing ‘aguynamedty.com’.

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